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Tips to Pest-Proof Your Home for Fall

As the colder months begin to arrive, making sure your home is prepared for all those little critters in and around your home should be a top priority. Our partner, Terminix, has created a list, of how to pest-proof your home for the fall months and what part of the home to do so. Have you already gotten your home pest-proof or have you been holding off until a later date? These tips may make you get your home pest-proofed much sooner than you were originally planning.

Now that the seasons are starting to transition and it’s not 100 degrees outside, you need to make sure your home is ready for fall. Here are a few areas you should inspect in and around your home to help keep pests out as the summer wanes and leaves change.


“Check for mice, squirrels or raccoons already living here. Trap them and then seal off the entrances. Trapping prior to sealing is important.”


“While subterranean termites generally swarm as the weather starts to warm up, some species actually can swarm year round. However, you can identify and eradicate all species now. Check for:

  • Wood-colored termite droppings
  • Damage to the wood grain of your home
  • Visible mud tunnels or tubes
  • Actual small winged insects leaving wooden structures.”


“When it’s time to bring your plants in for the winter, make sure to do it right to avoid carrying in unwanted guests along with them. Remove dead or damaged leaves, check the pots thoroughly and water them to flush insects out of the dirt before bringing them inside. Scrub the pot, too, as spiders will often lay eggs on the bottom of terra cotta pots.”


“Check screens for damage and fix any openings to keep out mosquitoes, stink bugs, ladybugs and more.”


“Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, so be thorough and committed in your efforts. Regularly wash everything, including bedding, curtains and mattress covers. Always keep an eye out for bugs on your mattress, headboard and bedframe when replacing your sheets. You’re looking for:

  • Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons or shells
  • Fecal stains on your mattress and bedding
  • Blood stains on your sheets and pajamas”


“Insect hibernation is no joke, and your nice warm home is a great place to wake up. As part of your seasonal inspection and bug prevention, vacuum every floor surface and use the nozzle attachment to get everywhere — you never know where a hibernating boxelder bug or flea eggs could be hidden. Inspect the legs and underside of furniture for pests that can easily make their way to and from your carpet.”


“Rats and mice can fit through a lot of tight spaces, especially when it’s freezing outside and warm and welcoming inside, so you’ll want to inspect for even the smallest potential points of entry. Take time (and a ladder!) to carefully check every inch of your home’s exterior. Address any potential entrances such as loose shingles or portions of your roof that may be pulling away from the awning. Examine all vents, roof returns, flashing along your chimney and skylights for gaps that could give pests easy access to your home.”

Quoted Content Sourced From Terminix

Which Type of Window Is Right For Your Home?

Many homeowners don’t realize how many different window options there really are; and let us tell you, there’s a lot. Windows not only add a wow factor to any home, they can also add additional natural light to your home and make small spaces seem much larger when you choose the right window. What type of windows did you decide to put in your home or which type are you debating between for an upcoming renovation project? Check out a few of the different types of window variations below from Andersen Windows and Coldwell Banker. 

Awning Windows

“Awning windows are often used to provide extra ventilation higher on walls, promoting airflow within the home and limiting energy consumption. Due to their typical placement high on a wall, awning windows can provide light and ventilation while maintaining privacy and wall space for art or furniture. Awning windows are a popular choice in many contemporary American homes.”

Bay and Bow Windows

“Because they physically project outward from a room, bay and bow windows uniquely add interior space to the home. This also works to bring in light from different angles and provide a more panoramic view. These windows draw the eye as an architectural feature and often direct attention to a beautiful view. Bay and bow windows bring light in from different angles, while providing a panoramic view.”

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer maximum unobstructed visible glass opening while still providing ventilation to a home. Their glass opening promotes greater vertical airflow as the opening runs along the height of the unit rather than the width.  Casement windows are often used in places where opening a window with a crank operator is a more ergonomic friendly movement than lifting or sliding a window, like over a kitchen sink.”

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows allow both top and bottom sash ventilation options. When opened strategically, these windows can promote air movement within the home to maximize fresh air. Double-hung windows with a tilt-wash feature are also the easiest to keep clean, ensuring a view unobstructed by dirty glass.”

Gliding Windows

Gliding windows can be wider than other types of windows. Since eyes naturally take in the world left to right rather than up and down, gliding windows allow for a large, natural view of the world. A large window also means more light and ventilation.”

Picture Windows

Picture windows are perhaps the most literal interpretation of a window style, framing the view in a wide expanse of glass. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can therefore bring light into a home in unique ways. Picture windows can be paired with ventilating windows for the best of both worlds.”

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows fit the need you have in your home and can allow you to bring light into unexpected places or frame views in unique and stunning ways.”

Quoted Content and Images Sourced From Andersen Windows & Coldwell Banker

4 Bathroom Designs You Should Have In Your Home

When you think of the bathroom of your dreams, what features does it have? Does it have a huge walk-in shower and a soaking tub right beside it? Does it have a large double vanity? Here are four current bathroom designs that we are loving.

This design screams luxury all across the board. Double vanity, huge walk-in shower and gorgeous lighting fixtures.


We’re a big fan of having both a large walk-in shower with rainfall shower and a soaking tub in the same bathroom space.


The mirror, chandelier and beautiful window make this a wonderful quaint bathroom.


Any time you can put a soaking tub next to a window with a gorgeous view, we’ll be on board. Not to mention this bathroom has a double vanity and a huge walk-in shower.

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