Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving a Welcome Gift

What are nuCards?

nuCardsTM come to your door in a gift box when you move in. National and local businesses in your area work with us to create custom offers on purchases you are likely to need starting off in your new home. Each card is specific to your local area and in most cases, the businesses are right around the corner. Redeeming the cards are easy, just activate today and get started.

Why do nuCards need to be activated?

Because each nuCardTM represents a cash value, we have to ensure that the card is activated prior to use for tracking purposes. Our clients require a way to monitor activity and redemption of the cards that are in each market. Each card was developed specifically for each new homeowner therefore it must be activated by that person once they receive their box.

Are nuCards transferable to others?

Yes. Once activated by the original recipients of the nuCardsTM gift box, cards can be given to friends or relatives and redeemed just the same. This is even if they are not new homeowners.

I didn’t receive my Welcome Gift Box but a tag was left. What do i do now?

If you received a door tag but did not receive your nuCardsTM gift box, you can still call in and activate the cards and we will expedite the delivery of replacement nuCardsTM to you.

Do I have to activated every card individually?

The great thing about nuCardsTM is that while every card is unique to a new homeowner when they are created, you only have to activate one card to activate the whole set. This makes it convenient so that you do not have to go through the process each time you want to redeem a card.  Activate your cards now and save them for later.

I called or tried to redeem a nuCard but the business is closed or would not accept it. What do I do now?

Sometimes a business may close after the their nuCardsTM have been distributed into the market. While this is unforeseen and unfortunate, those cards can just be thrown away and won’t be eligible. In the rare event that you attempt to redeem a nuCardTM and the business will not accept it, please let us know immediately. You can email us at and let us know.  We will investigate the incident and make sure to let you know when you can redeem the card successfully.

Will I keep receiving new cards or offers?

We are always adding new businesses and nuCardsTM to our boxes in every market. While you will not receive a new box, we are working to keep you updated via email of new and exciting offers we feel you might be interested in.  Please watch the email box you activated with as we will be sending you an update with new offers in your area.  Once you receive the email, all  you need to do is call the number in the email for the business to redeem the offer.

Can I recycle my nuCards and box once I am finished with them?

Yes, both the nuCardsTM and the Gift Boxes they come in can be recycled either through your local recycling centers or neighborhood recycling services that take recyclables #5 and #7.

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