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Our Mission. Help Homeowners and be Amazing Doing it.

At nuHome, we take great pride in that everyday, we help homeowners all across the nation get things done and create a better home. We know they have a lot going on in their busy lives and we do everything we can to assist them.

Our Employees. Part of Our Family.

Everything we do is interconnected and our success we celebrate together. Everyone at nuHome plays a very important role in our story. Here are just a few.


“nuHome is an exciting place to work with great potential for future growth. You have the unique opportunity of getting in on the ground floor with a company that is quickly growing everyday. The environment is very friendly and the people I work with make this opportunity all the more rewarding.”

Alex D.
Customer Care


“As one of the lucky few who started at nuHome when we were in a very small, close-quartered office with only a few employees, getting to see the exponential grow of this company is mind blowing. We expanded so quickly, in just one year, that we are now in a 28,000+ sq ft building and have close over 100 employees. As nuHome continues to grow, I am learning all aspects of how the company works and experiencing tons of new things I never imagined I would have the chance to experience. I am growing as an employee, and enjoy being a team member of a company that has so much potential. Go nuHome!! “

Ashley S.
Graphic Design


“There’s so many great things happening at nuHome each day. The fun part about working here is being immersed in so many different aspects of the company and having a role in helping to make this company as successful as possible. “

Ian Z.

Benefits. An inside look.

Our phenomenal growth is second only to our care for our employees. We want everyone at our company to experience success both personally and professionally.

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Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

We provide coverage and access to several health, vision and dental plans to qualifying employees at nuHome. We work to keep things affordable by paying a large portion of coverage.

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We provide holidays off every calendar year so our employees can enjoy a long weekend, and spend time with friends and family.  We encourage our employees to maximize that time by creating great memories.


Corporate Gym

Like to stay in shape? Our exclusive on-site fitness center is amazing and available to all employees.  Cardio, free weights, cycling or whatever your thing is you can it here.

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Rapid Advancement Opportunity

Training and educating opportunities allow us to shape future leaders and those that desire to make an immediate impact. Our rapid growth means those that make a difference will matter.

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Vacation Days and Time Off

Everyone likes to kick back and relax or run their personal errands. This is why we have a generous vacation and time off policy that allows our employees to earn days to use towards whatever they want.

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401k and Pre Tax Savings

Your financial future is important, this is why we offer comprehensive 401k and retirement programs that allow you to get the most out of your pre-tax contributions.


Fun Days

Sometimes, we just have to take a minute to celebrate our successes and enjoy a day of fun activities and bonding. Whether it is games or contests, we all need to have a little fun sometimes.


Summer BBQs

At times during the summer, we light up the grill and invite all employees to enjoy a tasty lunch on us and share in some great stories together.

Join our Team

We are growing at a phenomenal rate. Feel like you would be a good fit here? We encourage you to apply.

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Chandler, AZ

Part Time
2 weeks ago

Chandler, AZ

Part Time
2 weeks ago

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