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We are expanding our services and verticals to fulfill homeowner requests. Here are just a few:



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Blinds and Shutters





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Frequently asked questions

Q. How does nuHome work?

A. We are a fast-growing home services connection service that delivers solutions to homeowners.  We have a patent-pending process of delivering Welcome gifts to new homeowners that introduce them to new businesses and offers for service.  Once they enroll, we carefully nurture them and introduce them to tools that help them get their projects lined up and completed with the help of our partner network. 

Q. What are all the lead sources available?

A. We currently get homeowner leads and requests from several sources including our exclusive nuCards®in select markets nationwide, our new homeowner needs assessment upon enrollment, website forms, website calls, website pro appointment requests and our concierge department.

Q. Is nuHome like other home improvement lead sites?

A. We operate similar to other home services lead sites for professionals but with a twist.  Our exclusive Welcome Box and offer program opens up a new way for businesses to get in front of the homeowner immediately after they close on their home.  This is a distinct advantage.  We work with subscribing homeowners to understand their needs and upcoming projects.  This creates a source of verified Pro Leads that are available to our partners.

Q. So how much does it cost?

A. Create a business listing on our website for free.  Then you can decide to move into our Preferred Partner tiers for a low, monthly membership fee.  From there, you are only charged an industry specific rate for calls off your nuCard*, calls from your website number, contact from your business listing.  If you decide to utilize the Lead Exchange, you have a set per lead cost for your industry and you choose when to purchase the leads in your area.  It is really that simple.

Q. How can I join and get started?

A. It’s easy.  Just click the button at the top of the page and complete the free listing form.  Once completed, our team will put together your business listing.  We can discuss pricing and your business objectives to understand if you want to become a Preferred Partner.

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