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Our Company History

Our mission at nuHome is to bring value to new homeowners by introducing them to their new community and delivering offers from our business partners  on products and services they are likely to purchase.

Simply put, we want to help you create a better home.


nuHome founder and CEO, Matt Willes, has been directly marketing to existing homeowners for over 20 years. Knowing a new homeowner spends on average 8X more than an existing homeowner, he wanted to develop an effective way to help new homeowners save money on the products and services they most often need within the first 90 days of moving. That is why he founded nuHome.

Since March 2014, nuHome has been delivering our welcome gift boxes to new homeowners across the nation. These gift boxes, filled with tons of great offers from businesses in your local area, are our way of saying “Welcome to the Neighborhood!”

Over the past two years, nuHome has grown from serving new homeowners in two markets in Arizona to over 100 markets throughout 37 states, and is continuing to expand rapidly. In addition to branching out to new markets, nuHome is continuing to develop more ways to make life easier for new homeowners; including, an online pro scheduling system and helpful tools.

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